What to Buy?

I’ve decided that I’ve got an almost uncontrollable urge to buy designer purses. I came to this conclusion a few weeks ago, whilst I was out looking for wedding jewelry. The order of that particular day was to find a pair of discount diamond rings, which went a bit astray judging on the fact that I came back home with:

 Cool huh? I know that it wasn’t until I got home that I realized what I’d done. Somehow my inability to ignore a great looking purse meant that I came home empty handed – and yet I’d still spent a few hundred bucks.

I know that when I sat down and thought about it (afterward), I determined (quite rightly … ) that if I didn’t avoid buying something (i.e. controlled myself when I saw a nice shiny purse!) that wasn’t on my shopping list then I was going to need a bit more than a couple of discount diamond rings … I was probably going to need a couple of diamond rings given to me for nothing!

Obviously that’s a highly unlikely scenario so I will just have to reign in my expensive addiction. Or maybe I should start looking for designer handbag coupons and deals. I’ve seen them in magazines and on some websites I’ve landed on in the past, and one or two have been pretty attractive. My biggest problem is that I tend to like the new designs, and the deals are usually for end of season stock.

 Still, nothing ventured nothing gained and as I’m already kinda left watching my budget in the first place (hence the discount diamond rings) then it stands to reason that spending my money a little wiser is indeed the best way forward. I know that most women have the same leaning towards buying new purses … shoes … clothes, and that no matter what, it’s something that most of us will keep right on doing.

Perhaps if the financial crisis ‘thing’ would right itself and things could get back to normal, then maybe me and others like me can go back to our irresponsible attitude towards buying ‘stuff’ that we know we don’t really need but … like a kid in a candy shop – we just can’t resist! But before you buy – go check this site out – prime style – they are a good resource before buying.

Novelty Salt and Pepper Shakers

I love to bring a smile to people’s faces when they walk into my home. I live in a 19th Century Farmhouse that my husband and I are renovating and rebuilding window by window. Older homes have fewer windows and smaller rooms, so they can be darker than modern homes with open floor plans. To counter this I add whimsical touches wherever I can. I don’t want the overall feel of the house to be humorous, so I just add small touches. Novelty salt and pepper shakers are one of the ways that I do go a little crazy. But they’re so small that I can’t do much damage. Because I live in northern Maine and help with all of the renovation, I live in steel-tipped work boots. At heart I am a fashionista. So one day after a particularly grueling roof repair, my husband gave me a little box and this is what was in side.

These are salt and pepper shakers. They cost under $15 and I loved them immediately. They are right in so many ways. They also would be perfect for a gardener or rose lover. They are different enough, that I guarantee  the person doesn’t have a pair already. You should see the look on the faces of people who come over for a cup of coffee for the first time. While I’m frothing up one of my signature lattes, they start to look around. Then they spy these high-heeled red rose salt and pepper shakers. But just when they start to get used to the high heels. I like to change it up a bit. I got the naughty pig salt and pepper shakers shown below for Valentine’s Day one year.

No my husband and I aren’t typical. Most people are not offended by these amorous little pigs. If I separate them on the table, it’s fun to see who figures out how they go together. Then they can’t believe that that’s how they’re meant to go together. Then they think they have the only dirty minds in the world. I usually put them out of their misery at this point.

Buying tools for the home

 One of the things you need to do when you are thinking about doing almost any job around the house is the type of tools that  you are going to need. One thing is certain–there is a dizzying array of tools to choose from– and finding genuine reviews is not always that easy.

There are some tools are absolutely essential, especially if you are going to be doing at work around any electrical cabling. 1st job is to buy yourself a decent digital multimeter–and there is a good digital multimedia review at this website, Wizzley : digital multimeters reviewed here.

 Another tool that is absolutely vital for almost any job around the house especially home decorating, and even more especially if you need to do any work to the walls before decorating, is a nail Gun. Unfortunately  nail guns have become extremely expensive and it makes a lot of sense to buy a used nail gun.  These guys over at  A1 metalworkings  have some good recommendations and links to used  nail guns for sale at auction.  Sometimes you can pick up a brand-new Nail gun at auction for a relatively low price. Check them out here.


 I would think long and hard before buying a new one. The same does not apply to a digital multimeter. You can buy a really good digital multimeter for well under $100, and I don’t think they’re the sort of tool that anybody will look after particularly well so if you buy a used run the chances are it’s going to be either damaged or not work particularly well.

As the economic crisis continues to crush everybody, more and more people will be looking to do work on their homes themselves rather than buying a new home. We certainly recommend taking careful stock of  The sort of tools you buy before you buy them. It is really easy to lose a lot of money buying the wrong tool.


New Tile to Refresh an Old Look

If you have lived in a house for any length of time, you will be familiar with the wear and tear that you can find in rooms that are used the most like kitchens, bathrooms, and family rooms.  Over time, the best planned decor can wear out or wear down due to regular use.  This is especially true if your family includes children.

Peel and Stick Tile

One of the ways to create a fresh look that will take a lot of wear and tear, is to use ceramic tile for walls and floors.  This is why many older homes that have tile floors in the bathrooms last for a very long time.

Adding tile to a room used to mean that you had to have a contractor come in and apply the tile for you.  However, nowadays, you can find many tile patterns that come ready to apply with a peel and stick backing. Once you set the tile, all you have to do is add the grout which does not take any special training.

Doing the tiling yourself will cut down on the cost of redecorating immensely.  You no longer need to pay the labor costs involved, just the material costs.  With a group of friends, you can get the project done in a few hours, although if you do it alone, it will take several days.

To determine which tile to use in your room, take a piece of fabric, carpet, or wallpaper that you currently are using to the store.  Then ask the clerk to give you samples of the tiles that you are looking at to take home.  You will get the best idea of how a tile will look in your room if you see it in the same light as all of your furnishings.  Look at it in both natural and artificial light before you make your final decision.

Naturally, you can still have a contractor put the tiles in for you.  The advantage of using a contractor is that they are experts in their field, and will know all of the tricks of getting tiles to fit properly.  They may also get better pricing on the materials through their vendors.

Whichever way you go, you will find that adding new tile to walls and floors will increase the value of your home, and add longevity to the life of your home decor.

2 Questions to Consider When Starting a Kitchen Remodeling Project | Rochester

Rochester Kitchen Design and Contractors example of Kitchen Design

Why only 2 Questions about Kitchen Remodeling?

There are of course, hundreds of questions that you should ask when starting any new home improvement project but based on my experience in selecting a Kitchen Designer in Rochester I am able to focus down to two distinct questions that I feel should be able to allude to greater concerns.

Any home construction project is inherently stressful, unlike traditional construction, remodels and renovations will occur in areas that are visible daily. If your the type who cant handle a mess or has trouble dealing with hiccups, be aware that you will need to have realistic expectation of how the demolition and new construction phase will impact your daily life.

Are your Certified To Install Your Kitchen Product Line?

This question has a great background that can tell you quite a bit about your potential remodel contractor. Specialized contractors are in general better suited for design based remodels such as one might make in your Kitchen and Bath. The finish work and individual install requirements of each appliance and fixture may require special product knowledge.

A specialized contractor will frequently create relationships with specific vendors and suppliers. In regards to a Kitchen Remodel project this will include cabinetry manufacturers, appliance dealers and specialty countertop providers. The vendors will offer training courses and installation information unique to their product line, often the contractor will have to be licensed in order for you to have full warranty protection.

Be sure to check that your potential Kitchen Design Contractor has all of this covered …and just that one question could tell you all of that!

Will You provide an in home consultation for our Kitchen Remodel Project?
Since Kitchen Remodeling, is an interior design project, it goes without saying that one must have an on-site consultation. It is of course a fun time to go get kitchen remodeling ideas by looking at all the possibilities in a big showroom and looking through countless home and garden magazines. But, to get a real feel and understanding of what will be possible for your design project, detailed measures should be taken and your current layout needs to be considered.

Any decent provider will offer an in-home consultation as the first step of the design process! 

Unique Christmas Ornaments – Holiday Home Decor

It’s almost that time of the year once again, and before you know it we’ll be decorating our homes according to the coming festivities. For those that have attended OSU in the past (or currently study there), the beautiful Christmas metal giftware featured below are an awesome gift idea.

Handcrafted and forged from metal, they’re unique, exclusive – and just waiting to become a part of your festive decor.

Longaberger Table Decor

Longaberger is famous for its Longaberger baskets. But Longaberger has evolved into much more than a basket company. It’s the go to place for women who want to decorate for the holidays in a tasteful and sophisticated manner. Halloween is one of my favorite holidays and I love to have friends and neighbors over for a Halloween buffet. This is a great way for parents with little kids to chill. It also gives the kids a transition period between the crazy Trick-or-Treating and bedtime.

Because this is a family evening, I don’t want to get crazy with Halloween Zombies and blood and gore. I much prefer smiling pumpkins and cute-as-can-be witches and friendly black cats. So in addition to Longaberger table decor, you’ll see Annalee Halloween dolls as well in my home.

But getting back to the table decor. Longaberger has a wonderful collection of pottery. I love there pumpking treat bowls and serving dishes. They are white with pumpkins around the edges. The result is that I can mix it with my everyday china and it looks great. The Longaberger baskets also have pumpkin fabric and I can put my silverware and napkins in them. These simple touches take my everyday dinner set and make it look festive.


I also love the way Longaberger wrought-iron caddies make my table look. They hold bowls and swivel like the one shown above. They also hold condiments and silverware are well. You can see the wrought iron caddies in the video above if you look closely. You might just not be aware that this is a Longaberger product. It’s a very stylish way to keep your table looking organized. Your guests will never have to wonder where the forks are again.

It’s not just for Halloween either. I just love the Longaberger snowflake patter as well. Its white on white snowflakes with a vibrant red candy cane border. The fact that there’s not Santa, reindeer or Christmas trees on these, means that you can use them all winter long and not just on Christmas Eve.

Solar Lighthouse for Your Yard

Lighthouses can have two meanings in our home decor. One means that we just love lighthouses and the role that they play in our maritime history. The second meaning is religious and that we let our light shine as a symbol of our faith. Whatever your reason for loving lighthouse imagery, a solar lighthouse will look beautiful in your garden or lawn area.

You can buy one ready made or there are kits available. I especially love the lighthouse shown above. It is really for decorative purposes and does not have enough light to make a walkway safe. It measures about 39 inches tall. I love the design details that make it feel authentic – such as the railing around the walkway and the panes of glass.

Of course you can put it anywhere in your yard. But wouldn’t it look really nice if you located it beside a water feature? I think that would be stunning. You might even find some small rocks that look like boulders and create a rocky coastline. Of course some model sailboats and fishing boats in the water feature would give it a maritime flair. You don’t have to go this far. You could just have it overlook the pond. Although I know a few fish in the pond might be fun!

You can see that you’ll find solar lighthouses in a variety of patterns and shapes. I love the blue and white striped lighthouse a lot. If you don’t have room (or the budget) for a water feature, you can always plant waves of low-growing blue flowers or ground cover to simulate a body of water.

I think its really nice to have a lighthouse at the beginning of the walkway to your home. It’s a very protective way of welcoming your guests.

Steps In Installing Wallpaper In Your Home

The other day I happened to notice that the wallpaper in my exercise room was starting to fade a bit. This made the room look a bit more drab and sad. So as soon as I was done with my workout and took a much needed shower, I went out and began shopping for wallpapers that I could put up in the room (after all the money my husband had just spent on his treadmill from Nordictrack there was no way I wasn’t going to fix up the workout room with my own touch as well!).  After that, I went home and immediately began working on replacing my old wallpaper with the newer and prettier ones that I just bought.

Wallpaper is something that can really change the look of a room completely. If you want an instant makeover in one of the rooms in your home, installing new wallpaper will definitely help you on your way.

Now, I know that a lot of you are probably wondering how I easily changed my wallpaper. You may be thinking that installing wallpaper is a lot of hard work. Well, as a matter of fact, I am telling you now that it really doesn’t need to be so. While it is a task which requires a lot of precision, it is still one that’s very easy to learn and enjoy.

Here are the most basic steps that you will need to do in order to get some new wallpaper up on your walls in no time.

  • First, prepare the walls by cleaning them of any residue. If you want to, you may also apply some special products to smooth out the walls.
  • Set a starting and finishing point for the wallpaper. A good trick is to choose corners or near the window or door to hide the mismatch.
  • Cut out the amount that you need.
  • Put on the wallpaper paste.
  • Stick on the wallpaper.
  • Trim the excess paper as neatly as you can.
  • Remember to smooth out the corners when you’re done!

If you prefer, you can even use the wallpaper to cover up electrical outlets or even the room’s light switch!


Three Ways to Improve Your Landscaping

If you’ve never tried this to get a different perspective on the appearance of your home from the outside try looking at it with fresh eyes. Look at it the way someone who has never seen your place before would look at it. Look at it the way you look at other people’s homes for the first time. If you think your yard needs some improvement there are a few relatively simple things you can do to make it look much better.

Good use of front and backyard lighting can really improve the look and functionality of your home at night. Path lights can create a nice pattern on a curved walkway. Using shadowing, rope lights or lights in the trees can really give your home a distinct look. It will also make your yard more fun and safe to use in the evening hours.  Get tips on how to use outdoor lighting at http://backyardlighting.org/.

Good use of seasonal plants can mean you have something blooming at all times. Make sure you have some spring flowers like tulips or day lilies to have color early in the season. Summer blooming flowers are the most common so you likely already have these. But make sure you have some flowers that bloom in the fall as well, like mums. This can help to give your yard a fresh and full look for all of the different seasons.

Take good care of the lawn. By simply fertilizing regularly, mowing weekly and edging the lawn you can create a beautiful carpet of grass that will make your neighbors envious. A healthy lawn can make everything else around it look nicer.

These improvements don’t require a big investment. To help save money on outdoor lighting for the front and back yard you can even buy solar where possible so you won’t have to pay anything to use them past your initial purchase. Just a few of the right type of changes or upgrades may make a bigger difference in the look of your yard than you would realize.